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From Gowns to Mini Skirts

When you look at pictures from the 19th century, and notice what Americans wore,it is not your normal everyday outfit you would wear to High School. Females in the 19th century wore long gowns that showed little skin. Sounds awful? Well it even gets worse! Along with these large gowns women would often wear a corset would shrink the waist line. Eighteen inch waists and broken bones was the common outcome to wearing corsets.

please watch the video and look at a in depth fashion show of the clothing during the 19th century:

But why the change in fashion?
Today the normal high schooler would wear the shortest of skirt they own and the lowest shirt so they can show off their "skin." Well, not all high school girls dress this way, but why in the 19th century were women not allowed to wear different clothing.
Women had to wear the same style dress, but to keep warm they would wear more layers and accessorize with fur trimmed pelisses and over-sized fur muffs.

Yes the clothing choice was different compared to what women wear in this era, but fashion is always changing. Fashion trends come and go, but sometimes older trends are brought back. Who knows maybe the victoria dress will come back in style.


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