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Recently in my poetry class, we discussed different poetry techniques. One of which was the Blackout Method.
Blackout poetry is when you have an article or any piece of literature and you literally black out with a marker any excessive words. The words that are left over join together to make a poem.
This style does not have to have any rhyme but crossing out these excessive words makes the piece come together. There becomes more of a message after you Blackout.
I like to think of Blackout poetry like a scavenger hunt. It's trying to find a hidden message within the story.

In class, the piece that I chose to Blackout was Andy Grammer's "Keep Your Head Up."
Like most songs, there is much chorus repetition. By blacking out some of the lyrics, I was able to grasp the meaning of the song.

Recently my field hockey team won the District Championship. I decided test it out and see if I could make the method work on the article.

Poetry can also be fun. I strongly encourage you to Blackout. It could be anything! Lyrics to your favorite song, a random page in your favorite book or an article in your local newspaper. There is a hidden message waiting to be discovered!


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