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Haiku, explained in haiku

What is a haiku?
Why, put simply, a haiku
Is a type of poem

A specific type
With special syllable counts
Five, seven, and five.

From where came haikus?
Why, from Japan, naturally
I'll explain why now.

Japanese language
Is divided into these
Things they call kana.

kana is but
One unique syllable
That never changes.

So you see, kana
Are excellent for haiku
Not so in English.

Usually, a
Haiku'll be about nature
Trees, wind, and so forth

But, not all the time.
Here's some American ones
About tons of stuff.

Could be serious.
Although, could be humorous;
It's all up to you.

Why write in haiku?
Why restrict yourself so much?
What use does it have?

A haiku is short
Sweet, and to the point. No need
For complex words here.

Perhaps that's just why.
A haiku contains so much
Packed in so little.

The author will count
And compare, and consider
All of his options

Until at last, light!
The perfect combination!
Of word, and image.

And thus, the haiku.
Noble form of poetry
Marches on through time


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