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The Black Arts Movement, also know as BAM, is a period of time from 1960 to 1970.
This era began with the Civil Rights Movement, Malcolm X, and the
This era embraced artist to create work that dealt with African American culture
and experience.
BAM is recognized for motivating a new generation of poets, writers and artists.

During the Black Arts Movement provided "a change of vision." BAM artists
concentrated on improving Black Americans' perception of themselves. Artists
during this era distinguished a Black identity. Painters Lois Mailou Jones and John Biggers along with sculptor and printmaker Elizabeth Catlett all aligned themselves with the younger generation of black artists, creating works that emphasized their shared interest in African design sensibilities, the black figure, and the continuing struggle for civil rights.

Amiri Baraka is credibly know for his influence during the Black Arts Movement. He sometime is even referred to as the founder. His contribution came mainly from his poetry, normalizing the use of Black Language during the age.
"Black Music" was most notably one of his most provocative collection of writings. Baraka’s Obie Award winning
brought a new dynamic to the idea of poetry.
This would influence generations of performance poets like the Last Poets all the way through to cats in the early 2000s on Def Poetry Jam.
"Not only was Baraka’s writing visceral and evoking of spirit, but as an orator or performer, his tactic of inviting or even demanding that the audience become part of the performance, are all techniques that Baraka helped popularize, and are now deeply established in hip-hop culture."


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