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Let's talk about you and me

After reading cummings' poem, "may i feel said he,"

I began to realize how crazy poetry could be,
Poets could get away with really writing about anything, including sex! RISKY
Jump to present day today and everything in the media includes SEX! Literally, everything!
I think the true breakout about the term sex came from, Salt-n-Pepa
with their hit song, "Let's Talk about Sex,"and then the media began to attack the topic.

Something else that shocked me when I read cummings' poem, was the two individuals were having a secret affair!
you see it in the the movies and on an episode of Desperate Housewives.
There's just something about men and women these days not finding happiness together, so instead of breaking up they need to go behind each other's back and have sex with someone else!
Most of Taylor Swift songs are about a boyfriend who has cheating. Titles like: "Should've Said No", "Better than Revenge", "Your Not Sorry" and many more.
Even though they do not go into the extreme of having a sexual relationship, there is even an episode on Disney Channel's show Good Luck Charlie called "Dog Bites Girl" where the main character finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with someone else.

So yes, even though it seemed like a taboo for cummings to discuss such risky topics, the topic really has become a major topic for much movies, shows and songs.


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